Bad Customers

Customers with bad reviews, Dishonest and Outrageous Customer Claims

- David Kizorek from Joliet Bicycle Club in IL: I'm sorry you feel this way and was hoping to resolve this. What you sent me was not what I ordered and I plan on filing a complaint with my credit card company and the Better Business Bureau. The problem which you fail to see is I gave the other hat you made me which has a logo on the front and is obviously different quality! I will also post my unhappiness on all the cycling blogs I belong to letting them know not to buy your products due to the poor quality and poor customer service! AFTER RECEIVING A CYCLING CAP WHICH HAD A DESIGN APPROVED BY THE CUSTOMER. VERY NASTY AND ANGRY PERSON AND USES THREATS TO INTIMIDATE

- Michael Ross: now check this guys, buys two white jerseys, does not like them, returned them and demands full a refund and also his shipping cost. and check his email. never seen somebody with so much hate and anger "I AM THE FAIREST PERSON ON THE FUCKING PLANET. Only fellow socialists and christians have my redistributionary, economic sense of fairness. I dont exploit anyone, ever.

I DONT WEAR ANYTHING WITH A LOGO. EVER. im too smart for that. im not a consumer. im not a capitalist. i dont like corporate anything, especially not food. i dont drive a 50...i have a Phd...etc etc. I know exactly what i fucking want and it wasnt a jersey with any goddamn logos on it. how dare you impugn my motives.

this is why your jersey appealed to me: no logos. (and i know i am not alone...) look at this photo:

there is no logo on this photo of the jersey.

and the video here:

-- has no logos on the jersey in the video used as an example. are you blind? i deserve an apology...

i already quoted the description ON THE PRODUCT PAGE, clearly stating in english: no logos...

VISA will laugh if you contest this...

see below for my message. read it again...

I demand ALL my money refunded for shipping, both from you to me; and my return shipping to you.

I didn't have to "ask" for a logo-free jersey, as THAT IS WHAT I ORDERED FROM YOU:

I also watched the video on the above page, and then clicked on the icon that (putatively) purchased the jersey...the item with the description that reads, in part: "There are no logos or anything printed on them, to make it lighter and cooler." -- and which the videos confirmed. THATS what I ordered! Thats what I wanted...

If you dispute this I'll contact VISA and contest this charge.

This IS NOT rocket science. You made a mistake. Refund my shipping both ways and I then I can say nice things about your products via internet social networking. Your jersey is nice. It is slightly overpriced; it is not the lightest jersey out there (see Gore or Castelli or...), but that's a moot point (sometimes a light jersey is good, sometimes not so good...). And a high collar is simply a bad idea on summer jersey.

Yours truly,"

- Robert Willis from Las Vegas, NV: Ordered two whites jersey and TWO months later had them stitched on his end, got them destroyed (or maybe he did not) and claimed that the jerseys were wrong and demanded all his money back! he kept the jerseys, got his money back from Paypal and he probably feels proud on that. So be aware of those customers, Also deal with the wife Patricia Willis, be aware of dealing with customers like that, will try to get the money back and get free merchandise 6603 Ruddock Dr. North Las Vegas NV 89084
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