Campagnolo EURUS 2008 Tubular Wheels, Campy tubularZoom

Campagnolo EURUS 2008 Tubular Wheels, Campy tubular

Campagnolo EURUS 2008 Tubular Wheels, Campy tubular
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Campagnolo EURUS 2008 Tubular Wheels, Campy tubular

Perfection requires no change - they have kept them the same because they are great - just the way they are.

Order your EURUS Wheels now, and be among the first to have a set.

Eurus™ 2006/2007/2008 wheels are really light, weighing just 1,490* grams.

Campagnolo® is this year introducing the concept of a differential profile for Eurus™ , i.e. a 24-mm profile for the front rim and a 28-mm profile for the rear rim. Tests run at Campy laboratories have shown that this provides the best results in terms of performance and reliability. PLUS a light and very steerable front wheel and a stiff and responsive rear wheel.

The rims have been lightened in toroidal form between the spoke insertion zones, i.e. in the section of the rim where diameters can be reduced without lessening the solidity of the structure. The dynamic balance of the wheel is assured by special milling in the section opposite the joint. This balances the weight of the joint during rotation of the wheel.

Both rims have an upper bridge that is free of holes. This is a significant weight saving, thanks to the lack of rim tape, and gives the wheel greater torsional stiffness and greater vertical elasticity.

The Ultra Aero™ aluminum spokes are butted and the front wheel has radial spoking whereas the back wheel has G3™ spoking. The rear rim has asymmetrical holes to obtain a better wheel dish.

The hubs are in oversize aluminum with aluminum axles and self-aligning bearings. The rear hub has a larger flange to increase torsional stiffness and therefore wheel performance during acceleration and bursts of speed on the pedals.

Eurus™ wheels use the new freewheel body and pawl carrier housed in a single aluminum part for maximum lightness.

The new Campagnolo® quick releases and the lever in cold-forged aluminum with two pivots for more balanced clamping make their first appearance on Eurus™ wheels.
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