Custom Steel Classic Bikes, Pista, Road Italian Steel FramesZoom

Custom Steel Classic Bikes, Pista, Road Italian Steel Frames

Custom Steel Classic Bikes, Pista, Road Italian Steel Frames
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Custom Steel Classic Bikes, Pista, Road italian steel frame

Independent fabrication of steel bikes. Made by our master certified Reynold's frame builder in Colombia. We only create unique and fully customized bikes. The process starts with a detail survey including every measurement for the most perfect fit. after that a full 3D proposal is presented. Then the selection of materials is made, we have options of traditional steels, columbus, reynolds, high end tubing, aluminum and titanium. After that the process starts and the frame is built in a matter of a week. The final touch of paint can be done by us or the bike can be shipped with out.


1. “OLD SCHOOL” CHROMOLY STEEL TUBING. Specs: Lugged frame with Pressed steel lugs and steel fork.


- Steel 4130 same as Columbus SL. Double butted. 6/10 mm tube thickness Price $500 *

- Columbus SL: Like the vintage top level Italian bikes. Italian thread BB, 6/10 mm tube thickness , 1” fork steer. $900*

- Columbus SLX: double butted Italian, British or Italian BB thread, 1” steer. 6/10 mm thickness $1200

2. OVERSIZED MODERN STEEL TUBING. CROMOLY STEEL TUBING. Lugged or tick welded frame. Micro fussed steel lugs.


- Columbus zeries- zona: double butted Italian or British BB thread, 1.125” steer. $700*Just Frame

- Columbus Spirit: double butted Italian, British BB thread, 1.125” steer. $1200*Just Frame

- Aluminum Columbus Airplane 7005 very light 1.125”. Just frame

*price excludes shipping and paint

Shipping is $150

Paint Options:

- Basic metallic or plain color $150

- Chromed lugs additional $80

- Aerograph designs, names etc, to be priced separately

We have a very unique process, extremely flexible, and careful. Our frame builder has over 30 years of frame building and high end restorations. Contact us for more details, pictures and a detail quote.

You can find detail videos showing some of his work here

Tube cutting and set up

Frame alignment

Frame welding

Cinelli Super Corsa Restoration

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