Erie Canal Bicyclist & Hiker Tour Guide, 3rd Ed., 2008 NYC to CanadaZoom

Erie Canal Bicyclist & Hiker Tour Guide, 3rd Ed., 2008 NYC to Canada

Erie Canal Bicyclist & Hiker Tour Guide, 3rd Ed., 2008 NYC to Canada
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Erie Canal Bicyclist & Hiker Tour Guide, 3rd Ed., 2010 NYC to Canada

Remember the song you learned in kindergarten?

Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal, low bridge everybody down!

Cyclotour along the famous Erie Canal tow path, now called the Erie Canalway Trail.

Duck!, as you ride under roadway bridges high above your helmet. Walk on the original hand hewn stone locks. Take a barge trip on the working Erie Canal or just bicycle along side this historic waterway on the National Park Service's Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor Recreationway.

This is a 625 mi. (1005 km.) romp on the tow paths and parallel rural roads of the Erie, Lake Champlain, Seneca/Cayuga, and Oswego Canals in NYS; the Chambly Canal in Québec. Now in the 2nd Edition are the lower Hudson River Valley routes from the Albany (Waterford) intersection of the Erie & Champlain Canals to New York City. From Niagara Falls, NY to Montréal, QC or to New York City, NY! Or from New York City, NY to Niagara Falls, NY or to Montréal, QC! Any way you cyclotour it is a scenic, historic and wonderful trip. All these canals are still working canals not passive historic sites!

The 2nd Edition includes the lower Hudson River Valley bicycle routes from Albany to New York City's airports. Romp on either side of the Hudson River past the U. S. Military Academy at West Point; visit the Franklin D. and Eleanor Roosevelt homes in Hyde Park; the Vanderbilt, Mills and other mansions of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Side Trips: 80 mi. (130 km.) Top O’ the Finger Lakes following the Seneca-Cayuga Canal; 70 mi. (110 km.) round trip to Lake Ontario via the Oswego Canal; and 156 mi. (251 km.) Vermont side of Lake Champlain. The New York side of Lake Champlain is included in the main route to Montréal.

The Erie Canal tow path can be traversed on road bikes, mt. bikes, tandems, recumbents. Heck, any bike.

Much of the Tow Path/NPS Recreationway is surfaced with smooth stone dust. It is a level route on the tow path.

Have no fear cyclists! This Guide is complete. The described route provides road cyclotourists with lightly trafficked parallel rural roads to glide upon when the tow path has a dirt or rough gravel surface; or does not exist. You'll easily return to the tow path when it has a paved or stone dust surface.

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