Military Camo Bib Shorts, Tank Camouflage ShortsZoom

Military Camo Bib Shorts, Tank Camouflage Shorts

Military Camo Bib Shorts, Tank Camouflage Shorts
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Military Camo Bib Shorts, Tank Camouflage Shorts

Starting with only one short, you can send us your ideas, images or logos and we will create a semi custom design for FREE.

Contact us directly for pricing and proposals

Prices start as low as $50

2-5 shorts $75 each

6-10 shorts $70 each

11-20 shorts $65 each

21-40 shorts $60 each

41 or more even lower prices


- 100% smart fabric for moisture and temperature control

- Full Digital sublimation for softer and smoother finish

- 3D technology chamois with antibacterial protection

- Gel inserts to the 4 directional elastic chamois

- 14 panel construction for the most amazing fit. all panel will provide support and muscle compression for all the leg muscles

- Airmax technology

- UV ray protection fabric

- Exclusive designs

We can add Liquicell membranes to the chamois for just $10 extra. This improves comfort dramatically by reducing friction, lowering temperatures and reducing pressure points. As us for more info if you are interested in the Liquicell technology.

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