PowerLung Active Series Trainer Power Lung Better Breathing Zoom

PowerLung Active Series Trainer Power Lung Better Breathing

PowerLung Active Series Trainer Power Lung Better Breathing
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PowerLung Active Series Trainer, Power Lung Better Breathing Moderate

Breathing training for moderate fitness & training activities

You understand the benefit more oxygen gives you because you train hard and exercise regularly. Add the PowerLung® Trainer to your training or exercise program to increase lung capacity, and lower your heart rate, blood lactate and breathing rate.

If you want to read more in detail about the benefits check this scientific paper http://www.powerlung.com/lan/en-US/information/papers/CPWT-BRDYN.pdf

The Trainer model is for the person who trains regularly. Use it if you participate in activities such as swimming, tennis, running, golf or cycling.

Recreational SCUBA divers can increase bottom time and skiers can reduce the impact of higher altitudes when they train with this model.

Firefighters, public safety and other hard working personnel can get that extra breath they need with PowerLung.


- Strength training for inhale and exhale breathing.

- Independently adjustable inhale and exhale controls.

- Hand grip for comfortable use.

- Detailed user instructions for proper training.

Package Includes:

- Trainer Model

- User Guide Booklet

- User Guide DVD-Video

- Zipper Carrying Case

- PowerLung Washe Sample

- Product Registration Card

- 1 Year warranty
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