Raleigh International Vintage Complete Bike, Campagnolo Nuovo 60 ctcZoom

Raleigh International Vintage Complete Bike, Campagnolo Nuovo 60 ctc

Raleigh International Vintage Complete Bike, Campagnolo Nuovo 60 ctc
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Raleigh International Vintage Complete Bike, Campagnolo Nuovo 60 ctc

1972 Raleigh International

This is an exceptionally fine example of a “pre-boom” steel frame Campagnolo equipped Carlton-frame Raleigh International. Frame is 23 ½ inch Champange Reynolds 531 double butted steel tubing with Campagnolo dropouts with eyelets, Serial Number G 1652. The frame was probably built in 1972 (see Retro-Raleighs http://sheldonbrown.com/retroraleighs/dating.html).

If you are interested in this (if you are you know what you are looking for and at) you can tell by the photographs that this is a fine specimen of a rare (and getting rarer!) classic/vintage steel bike. Check out those Nervex lugs!

The bike has the full Campagnolo Nuevo Record group, including hubs, derailleurs, headset etc. Cranks are Campagnolo 170 Strada’s. Also has Campagnolo seat post and binder bolt, Campagnolo peddles and drop outs with eyelets. Chain rings are Campagnolo 45/52. Seat is a Brooks Professional (in very good to excellent condition). Brakes are Weinmann Vainqueur 610 999 center-pulls. Brake levers are drilled out (came that way). Toe clips are Brevette AFA Christophe. GB stem. Still has the original Suntour bar-end shifters that came on the bike. The bar end shifters have an internal ratchet and click when shifted, but are not indexed.

Everything on this bike is original except: rims (came w/ sew-up rims, I could not support the “sew up lifestyle” and replaced them w/ Weinmann 700 concave clinchers, they are period appropriate); bar tape; leather straps on toe clips (clip hardware is original, fabricated new leather straps, just need a pop rivet to complete); I think I replaced the chain and rear cluster, but if I did it was pre-storage in 1980. The brake hoods are the original, and have “Carlton” embossed on them. Even the brake pads are the original. Warning: if you buy this bike and jump on it to ride be aware that the brake pads are so old and dry that they do not stop the bike very quickly!

The bike is in excellent shape overall. It has never been crashed or bent, there is no rust or any corrosion on the chrome and the paint (with the exception of a few paint chips see below and pics) is sound and without any rust or corrosion. The wheels are straight and true, the hubs, peddles and headset operate smoothly. I found the shifting to be not particularly smooth or quiet when I got the bike back down from the attic to ride it, but I think that’s just the way they were, and I had gotten used to more modern equipment in the meantime. The originally installed “thorn pullers” are still mounted on the front and rear brakes. There are some paint chips and small scratches on the top tube, seat stays and down tube. A couple of the decals have been sort of broken up but are still basically intact.

If you are interested or you want to have more details or pictures, please contact us at sales@bikingthings.com

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