Veloplug, save weight on your wheelsZoom

Veloplug, save weight on your wheels

Veloplug, save weight on your wheels
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Veloplug, save weight on your wheels, upgrade of rim tape

The most affordable upgrade for your bike. Will save you about 20 grams of weight in your tire, where it matters the most.

The Veloplug is an amazing new invention, international patents pending.

Why wrap your complete rim with a roll of heavy cloth tape when for less than half the weight you can use the Veloplug.

Incredible blowout strength and takes well over 400psi. Tires start to fail long before the Veloplug.

Tire mounting is easier with the Veloplug. Rim strips take up a lot of space making tires more difficult to mount. With the sleek and slippery Veloplug, mounting tires becomes easy.

Spoke replacement is simplified as there is no need to remove a sticky strip. Just pop out the Veloplug over the offending spoke and pop it back in when repairs are complete. They can be used over and over.

Plus it provides more rigidity to the wheels and the tube is spread more evenly on the inside of the rim.

This is a pack of 72 plugs, enough for 2 tires, even with 36 spokes each.
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